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Are you curious about open relationships? Are you loving more than one person and want to stay in integrity? Are you wanting to have a loving relationship and also have more sexual freedom? Then join us for Open and Loving, our workshop that teaches skills that help you successfully navigate open relationships. We provide Open and Loving either as a series of two hour evening workshops twice a month, or as an intensive two day workshop once or twice a year.

Successful relationships require attention, and this is especially true with open relationships. Although the rewards are great, the dangers of navigating the often choppy waters of an open relationship must be seen and avoided in order to increase your chances of smooth sailing.

In this workshop, we:

• explore the different ways to be open and what works best for you

• learn methods of communication that enhance rather than erode intimacy

• Learn about relationship agreements and explore what kinds will work best for you

• Utilize mindfulness techniques to discover what our underlying needs are and make clear requests

• Learn about NRE (New Relationship Energy) and how it can affect and enhance all your relationships

• Learn how to be differentiated in caring ways

• Examine how blame creeps into relationships and how owning your projections helps mitigate this

• Learn about attachment styles

• Learn how to keep a positive balance in your relationship bank account

• Explore how to have an ethical breakup should the relationship need to transition

• Learn and practice exercises that deepen intimacy

Cost: For our 2 day intensive workshop, the cost is $100 per person, $175 per couple, $250 per triad. Limited trade is available. A $25 per person deposit is required to hold your space; space is limited. Our repeating evening workshops are $20 per person; discounts are available if you pre-pay for 5 or more classes.

For more information or to register, call 503-752-3415

You guys did a great job!  I know that was a lot of work to put together, and I appreciated it!  You gave some folks a forum to think about/talk about relationships, and I believe that is a good thing.  Nice work!
                                -A.O., Portland, OR

The workshop was great. I liked the little story in the beginning of Friday. It was very humanizing and set a good tone for the whole workshop. The tone I got was "we've been through shit, and we're here to teach you our lessons. We're real people."
                                -T.D., Portland, OR