Sam Bean Counseling

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Personal Growth Work

Utilizing Hakomi, Somatica and other tools for personal growth, I support you on your journey to a more whole self. 

Deep Listening Training for Couples

 I help couples learn to listen compassionately and skillfully, bringing more understanding to each other and how they relate.    

Relationship Workshops

My husband Bob and I facilitate workshops teaching communication and relationship skills for individuals and couples. These skills are useful to everyone, whether you are monogamous or polyamorous.


"Just when I feel bored to tears with the repetitive patterns and thoughts that arise, she offers a simple question that turns my attention back into the situation with curiosity.

I feel that having chanced upon doing this work with Sam has been a gift to me while here in Portland, and it stands out as one of the sweetest things that I could do for myself. The Hakomi process itself is so gentle and honoring of one’s own wisdom, and how Sam plays within that structure is really quite beautiful to experience.


I shall always remember the kind, gentle and solid way Sam was there for me to reconnect to that which has heart and meaning to me."      - Name withheld upon request.